Dis Burrito Defference

At Dis Burrito there is nothing more important to us than providing the highest quality products with unparalleled customer service. We know that there are many burrito choices on the market today, (some follow regulations, and some do not), but we strive to be different and provide you and your customers a truly unique experience. Many even say, we are a burrito made with purpose.

All Dis Burritos are handmade with love in Denver, CO.

  • No more mish mosh.
  • Rolled cold to lock in freshness.
  • See and taste each ingredient.
  • Dis Burrito follows all USDA and FDA regulations.

Each ingredient was well thought out before incorporated in our burrito.

  • 100% real egg. (Not an egg product).
  • High quality proteins portioned so you taste them in every bite.
  • Housemade green chili made with only the best Hatch Green Chilies.
  • Real shredded cheddar/jack cheese blend.
  • Potatoes with Purpose – Fresh russet potatoes, shredded and roasted to perfection.

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Dis Burrito Difference