Introducing the Legendary Line-Up

Pork Sausage


Chicken Chorizo


Gluten Free

Made with Siete Food’s Casava Flour Tortilla

Plant based burrito

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See what our customers are saying About Us

Knocked Their Socks Off

“Dis burritos are so yummy and easy to serve.  Our customers were so sick of einstein bagels and Dunkin’ Donuts, we knocked their socks off with Dis Burritos.”

– Scott. S, Medical Device Account Director

They Went Like Hot Cakes

“These burritos went like hot cakes, and Dis Burrito was even able to provide a warmer to keep the burritos warm for the entire event.”

– Ned M., The FIIT Company

No Mess and So Delicious

“The Dis Burritos were so easy to serve, and they made no mess and so easy to clean up.”
– Stacy E., Pharma Sales