Are Your Taste Buds Ready For Dis?!

Cuz Everything tastes better as a burrito

Perfect for ski weekends, camping, road trips, or just keep them in the freezer for an easy grab and go breakfast.

So, What Makes Dis Burrito All Dat?

Well to start, our locally sourced and hand rolled burritos are made with purpose. Our Ingredients and Methodology make a Dis Burrito the TRUE breakfast of Champions. Screw hitting the snooze button, because the sooner you get up, the sooner you can get your mouth on one of our legendary burritos.

Quality Ingredients

We can’t let you in on all our secrets, but we promise to only use the best of the best. Our purpose-built burritos are made with roasted potatoes, 100% real egg, hatch green chiles, your choice of protein and a shredded blend of cheddar jack cheesy goodness.

Foxy Folding

After extensive testing and continual innovation, we’ve developed a special folding and rolling method so you enjoy every ingredient and keep ’em off your lap (it happens to the best of us). Some might even say it’s a burrito made with purpose.

Vibrant Flavors

We want to make sure you add a little spice to your life. Enjoy our house made green chile made with 505 peppers, as well as Fox’s Cinco Verde sauce on the side in case you need a little extra kick. Proteins that will knock your socks off.

Now Introducing New Burrito Boxes!

Dis Burrito is not your average breakfast burrito. Strategically crafted with your taste buds in mind, we use only the best ingredients, most vibrant flavors and spices, and the highest quality tortillas. Is your mouth watering yet?

Introducing the Legendary Line-Up

Pork Sausage


Chicken Chorizo


Gluten Free

Made with Siete Food’s Casava Flour Tortilla

Plant based burrito


100% REAL Egg, not frozen egg product

Roasted Russet potatoes for flavor and body, not just a filler

Simple and clean green chili made with hatch green chilis

Real Shredded Blend of Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese

Locally Sourced Proteins that will knock your socks off.

Want To Get Your Hands On One?

See for yourself! We can’t make this sh*t up – and we wouldn’t want to. Our legendary burritos are served at some of our favorite locations across Denver. Don’t just take our word for it and check out some of the locations we partner with below. Don’t forget you can order direct and cater from the links above.


Decatur Fresh Market

Leevers Locavore

Online Grocery

Tony’s Meats & Market

Marczyk Fine Food

Waldschanke Ciders

Village Market

Retail Shops

Art Gym Café

St. Paul and Detroit Locations

Coffee House on Main St


Cures’n Curiosities

Eldora Ski Resort

Devils Cup Coffee

Waldschanke Ciders
Waldschanke Ciders
Waldschanke Ciders
Waldschanke Ciders

Hello Darling

Gluten Free Onl

The Moxy


Rooster Cat

The Belle Café

Gluten Free Only


Waldschanke Ciders
Waldschanke Ciders
Waldschanke Ciders

P.S. Do You Wanna Carry Dis Burritos?

We’d love to join the Dis Burrito family and help you deliver some outta-this-world burritos to your customers. Interested in learning more? Hit us up!

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See what our customers are saying About Us

Knocked Their Socks Off

“Dis burritos are so yummy and easy to serve.  Our customers were so sick of einstein bagels and Dunkin’ Donuts, we knocked their socks off with Dis Burritos.”

– Scott. S, Medical Device Account Director

They Went Like Hot Cakes

“These burritos went like hot cakes, and Dis Burrito was even able to provide a warmer to keep the burritos warm for the entire event.”

– Ned M., The FIIT Company

No Mess and So Delicious

“The Dis Burritos were so easy to serve, and they made no mess and so easy to clean up.”
– Stacy E., Pharma Sales