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How Dis All Unfolded

Or, well, how it folded, actually…get it? Like a burrito? You know what we mean. Anyway, scroll down to read a bit to read the story of our origin and why we live by the phrase, “Everything tastes better in a burrito”.

Burrito Obsessed And Proud Of It

The Man Behind The Tortilla

Nicknamed the “Burrito Architect” for his relentless dedication to making out-of-this-world burritos, Dis Burrito’s founder, Michael Fox, is all about crafting burritos with purpose, with the highest quality ingredients to delight burrito lovers wide and far. His passion for creating the most stellar burrito has been years in the making and COVID-19 gave him the time to finally perfect the art and science. From the size of the burrito to the layering and flavor of ingredients, Fox has mastered how to craft a burrito that you’ll keep craving.

During his time sheltering at home with his “QuaranTeam”, one of Fox’s friends asked for “breakfast for dinner.” Fox crafted a breakfast burrito that the team fell in love with—so much so, they encouraged him to start a business, and who was he to let them down? From his days in outside sales, he knew he wanted a burrito that a person could eat in their car while not making a mess everywhere. He used the best green chiles from Hatch, NM that added flavor and moisture, but didn’t overbear. The roasted potatoes were added for body and flavor, not just a filler. Rather than egg product, he used egg from pasture-raised chickens. Lastly, a blend of cheddar/jack cheeses, coupled with the highest quality proteins. Once he found the perfect mix of ingredients and the fluffiest flour tortillas, Dis Burrito was born! We like to consider it one of the silver linings from 2020.

But Fox Couldn't Do It All Solo

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