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From corporate meetings to breakfast for the whole ski cabin—spice up your spread with our 5-star burritos Caution: each bite contains unparalleled deliciousness waiting to be savored.



Need to cater a party or ski weekend? How about a large corporate meeting? Get everything you need, all in one go. Please allow at least 36 hours’ notice

  • Choose from our six vibrant flavors! We even have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options, so there’s something for everyone!
  • Order burritos, sides, salsas, hot or cold coffee, juices, and sodas all at once.
  • Can include everything from warmers and tables to utensils & tableware.

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We can't accommodate all orders outside of the Denver Metro area, but we will try! Contact us here to discuss. »
If you need to borrow warmers or tables, or you need your catered event staffed, please tell us here.



These are the best grab and go burritos in denver and beyond. Perfect size, and perfect balance of ingredients to leave you full and satisfied. My favorite is the gluten free veggie, and I’m not even gluten free! Such a bonus that they are now available in the coop outside of Fox and the Hen too!! Love me some Dis Burrito!

– Rachael | Google Reviewer 

Quick grab, great ingredients, nice portioning, and Michael’s a great guy. Support local, support small, start your day feeling great, and maybe save one for lunch.

– HH | Nextdoor Reviewer

These burritos went like hot cakes, and Dis Burrito was even able to provide a warmer to keep the burritos warm for the entire event.

– Ned | The FIIT Company

Super tasty burritos!  Love the fresh ingredients. All are great but you can’t miss with the Bacon.

– RJ | Nextdoor Reviewer

Had a Dis Burrito for the first time yesterday at a work event and got to hear the owners story. The burritos were outstanding and Michael’s story is great.

– Pat | Facebook Reviewer

BEST BURRITOS EVER!!! So many choices 🙂

– Neil | Google Reviewer

Best breakfast burrito in town! I get mine at the grab and go coop at Fox and the Hen. Perfect way to start my mornings

– Jay | Google Reviewer

Dis IS the Burrito. These are easily the best breakfast burritos in Denver. Have tried them fresh at many coffee shops and they’re surprising just as good at home in the microwave. Customer for life <3

– Drew | Google Reviewer

Our office orders from Dis Burrito at least once a month for 150 employees.  They are always on time and everyone loves their breakfast burritos.  Highly recommended!

– Jesse | Real Catering Customer

Dis Burrito was so easy to serve, and they made no mess and so easy to clean up.

– Stacy | Real Catering Customer

What a wonderful catering experience with Dis Burrito! The food all arrived on time/early. Excellent variety of burritos (including veg, non-pork option, and GF). And the burritos were so delicious!! Not a single one left at the end of our event. Skip Santiago’s, and go with Dis Burrito!

– Katie | Real Catering Customer

These burritos CRUSHED it this winter, we are so stoked to have a quality product.  Honestly, I need a bigger oven to keep up. 

– Amber  | Coffee Lab

Dis burrito is so yummy and easy to serve. Our customers were so sick of Etinstein Bagels and Dunkin’ Donuts, we knocked their socks off with Dis Burrito.

– SCOTT | Real Catering Customer

I was immediately impressed by Michael’s enthusiasm for his product and how it could sell in my uber busy mountain coffee shop. The quality of the ingredients and method of preparation is what ultimately led me to try them and it seemed to be my best option. The variety of burrito offerings were an immediate hit, as was the taste and quality. I am one happy customer!!

– Stephenie | Big Shooter Coffee

Definitely going through lots of these burritos… we’ve been seeing them get progressively more popular with our hotel guests.  I just tried the vegan chorizo last week, and WOW it is good.  So nice finally having a gluten-free option for our guests also.

– Kaylee | The Nordic Inn Team