How Dis ALL Started

Living by our motto “everything tastes better in a burrito”.

Burrito Obsessed

and Very Proud Of It.

Nicknamed the “Burrito Architect” for his relentless dedication to making out of this world burritos, Dis Burrito’s founder, Michael Fox, is all about crafting burritos with purpose to delight burrito lovers wide and far. His passion for creating the most stellar burrito has been years in the making and COVID-19 gave him the time to finally perfect the art and science.  From the size of the burrito, to the layering of ingredients, to the flavors, Fox has mastered how to craft a burrito that you’ll keep craving. 

During his time sheltering at home, Fox grew tired of regular old dinners while quarantining. He decided to make breakfast for dinner to shake things up and focus on creating the perfect burrito to share with friends in the post-COVID world. Love is shown through cooking, right?!  He knew he wanted green chili incorporated that popped but didn’t overbear, potatoes that weren’t just a filler, eggs that were 100% authentic, a heavy lifting blend of cheeses and the highest quality proteins. Once he found the perfect mix of ingredients and the fluffiest flour tortillas, Dis Burrito was born! We like to consider it one of the silver linings from 2020.  

But, Fox Can’t Do All of Dis Solo.

Meet The Rest Of Our Burrito Fam.



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Ready To Get Your Burrito On?

Pork Sausage


Chicken Chorizo


Gluten Free

Made with Siete Food’s Casava Flour Tortilla

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